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We don't know so we wait for tomorrow. [entries|friends|calendar]

One time in your life, you've got the route in hand but the map is stuck. They said it's not your fault, the tires are tired the camera moves and your driver's been pulled. And I have always felt this, and I could never hear it. And I turned it up and turned it on and turned it down, always the volume always the the words. Review the press and tell it like it is;
Your life is hype, your love is hype.

There's more than blood that beats through my heart.

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finally pictures! [August 19 2006]
PICTURES FROM BOSTON UNIVERSITY EVERYONE, RIGHT HERE! There's a lot. A lottttt. I'm pretty sure, but you should take a look so you get a better idea of what I spent the last few weeks doing. :)

4 will wait up all night for you.

okkkay. [July 25 2006]


I had to do it. 
But no worries! 
I will happily add you. 

3 will wait up all night for you.

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